Why Hitex Healthcare Surgical Drapes?

Hitex Healthcare surgical drapes safely protect patients as well as surgical team by minimizing the risk of infection transmission during surgery. Apart from basic types and sizes of drapes, we produce sophisticated surgical drapes for all kinds of surgeries. The design of drapes combines functional materials and integrated fixable accessories. Drapes intended for surgeries of higher fluid occurrence are equipped with fluid collection pouches. Due to this, each drape has necessary qualities required for a particular surgery.

Orthopaedic Drapes

Under construction

Knee O Drape

Bilateral Drape

Hip U Drape

Extremity Drape

Shoulder Arthroscopy Drape

Knee Arthroscopy Drape

Neurology Drapes

Craniotomy Drape

Spine Drape

Urology Drapes

TURP Drape

PCNL Drape

Cardiology Drapes

Angiography - Femoral Drape

Angiography - Radial Drape

Cardiothoracic Drape

General Surgery Drapes

Lap Drape

Combined Lap Drape

Multipurpose Drape

Gynaecology Drapes

Under Buttock Drape

Caeserotomy Drape

Gynaecology Drape

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