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# Dina International, Dina - Hitex, Hitex Healthcare.

# Parent company Dina International was established in 1987. Global Headquarter is at Moscow.

# Dina International group turnover in excess of 100 Million USD.

# We have manufacturing facilities in three continents… Europe, Asia and Africa.

# Dina International group's offices are located in Russia, Czech Republic, Germany, Poland, Slovakia, India etc.

# More than 450 employees from different nations… Russia, Czech Republic, India, Nepal etc.

# The company is number one distributor for Siemens in Russia.

# Products sold in more than fifteen countries.


Dina International has accomplished turnkey projects for various hospitals in Russia at several locations including Moscow, Smolensk, Novosibirsk.

Dina International has super specialization in following areas :-

# Engineering.

# Delivery of the engineering and medical equipment.

# Installation of the engineering and medical equipment.

# Starting-up and adjustment.

# Guarantee maintenance.

# Technical and technological support at various hospitals across Russia.



Dina-Hitex is one of the leading manufacturers and distributors of medical supplies in the Czech Republic. We have been in the market since 1992. Since the beginning, our activities have focused mainly on the development and production of disposable supplies from non-woven fabrics. 20 years ago, the term "disposable" was almost unknown in the Czech health care industry, and we were pioneers in this field. Under the guidance of Nelehka we have been building our name and position in the market, and have gradually gained good customers. There are many people who have been with us through this formidable stage and remain loyal to our products even today, and we are very grateful for it. Our manufacturing plant was built on a "green field", in Bučovice, a village located in the picturesque foothills of the Ždánický forest. In the early years, it could not employ more than 20 people. With expansion in the European and Eastern markets the company experienced a rapid growth in volume of production and greatly expanded its portfolio of products. Currently, under the trade name DINA-HITEX spol. s.r.o., the company employs more than 200 people and has become one of the largest employers in the municipality of Bučovice. The expansion of product lines was accompanied by considerable investments in technological equipment. Among other things, the company has its own sterilization unit, laminating production line for two-and three-layer material and high-capacity fully automatic production line for surgical masks.

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We manufacture disposable drapes on semi automatic machine imported from Europe installed inside Class 100,000 D Clean Room. Other machines have been imported from world leaders like Juki, Nordson, Wypak etc. Our production team has been trained by European specialist with more than a decade of first hand experience.


We manufacture drapes by using SMMMS, bi laminates and tri laminates. These laminates are made in a state of the art factory at Czech Republic. For surgical gowns we use SMMMS fabric sourced from the world leader Ahlstrom. Instrument drapes and fluid collection pouches are made in house and on custom made machines.


Type of Raw Material:


DS2 - Two layer laminate, upper layer is made of absorbent viscose, bottom layer is polyethylene foil. DS2 - Lam is highly absorbent two layer laminated material suitable for reinforcing critical drape areas.

DS 3 - Three layer laminate, upper layer is made of absorbent viscose, middle layer is made of polyethylene foil and bottom layer is made of absorbent non-woven textile.


SMMMS - Hydrophobic 100 % polypropylene non-woven textile of three layer structure Spunbond-Meltblown-Spunbond.


SPUN LACE - Hydrophobic non-woven textile, containing cellulose and polyester.


2SBL - Non-woven material composed of two layers, upper layer is absorbent spunbond, bottom layer is polyethylene foil


For more than 20 years Dina Hitex has been cooperating with specialists from European hospitals with the intention of learning about the work of surgeons and surgical teams in operating theaters. Primary aim is to understand the specific needs of particular invasive surgery and consequently develop drapes with the right properties. We have the entire range of drapes, gowns, sets and accessories developed by Dina Hitex now available in India.


Hitex Healthcare has secured EN ISO 13485:2016. All the raw material used fulfills the requirements of medical industry.

DINA-HITEX holds certificates: ISO 13485, ISO 14001, CE 0434.

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